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Giants Benjamin jumped out of the corner as yesterday jumped out from behind John. A Holtz (which in German means "wood") shivers because of bad weather. Helen not wants to go out. And Jane does not want. And Mickey yesterday slipped on some bad things, but still wants to go for a walk. Because he is young more - him eight for three years. Wilbur is one thousand two hundred and eighty minutes fulfilled. When John jumped out of the corner, we Wilbur congratulated. Frankly, he wishes to my wife, Ann. I understand it, I also want my wife. But Wilbur not get it. Wilbur gets Mrs. Boiling, the wife of the old Hagler. He still does not know it, poor fellow. And do not know yet five hundred years, until Hagler did not throw the hoof. Actually, funny story I have not turned. Wake me in two years, maybe I will remember what - tell.
(after R.Voronezhsky)